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Seed Funding Announcement

The Paccurate Team is beyond thrilled to announce our $2.2m seed round!

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Smart Cartonization: A Solution to the Coming Packaging Waste Problem

Lately, massive e-commerce volumes flowing through delivery systems have created unsustainable costs, an enormous packaging waste problem, and still sustained much more product damage.

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5 Ways Packing Solutions Can Increase Effectiveness Of Order Fulfillment Operations

Effective packaging of your products is crucial for your business. Besides, better packaging is highly pertinent in the Supply Chain Process. It aims to better output, transport, and distribution of products.

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New Website, Same Great Paccurate Flavor

The world has changed a lot since we last updated our website. Supply chain did too. Carrier rates and corrugated prices have shot up, and more major retailers have turned to Paccurate to mitigate the damage.

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Paccurate Joins NVIDIA Inception

The Paccurate team has been excited about this for a while now, so we're delighted to announce that we've joined NVIDIA Inception! Press release follows.

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How to Get Box-Making Machines Working Smarter

Packaging volumes are surging in response to consumer demand these days. Meanwhile, packaging-related costs—from materials to storage and transportation costs--are rising in tandem. So it's no surprise that shippers who manage different product and packaging configurations need viable ways to control their packaging costs and reduce waste without compromising throughput.

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What is Narrow Artificial Intelligence?

Maybe the term AI conjures up synthetic human intelligence for you. Or perhaps it brings to mind a marketing term you’ve seen sprinkled liberally throughout marketing content but never fully understood.

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The White Paper

We're happy to announce the release of our new white paper for 2020! It's called "Cost-Optimal Parcel Packing." In it, we call out all the factors that make the putting of things in boxes so complicated, when you're trying to minimize costs.

Artificial Intelligence

Cartonization AI is the future of fulfillment optimization.

Sometime in 2017, Paccurate made the leap from bin packing algorithm to artificial intelligence. No, it didn’t become self aware and start plotting to overthrow its human masters (we’re pretty sure). Rather, it gained the ability to make real-time decisions based on a data set far too complex for a human to consider.

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Items to Boxes to Pallets

Cartonization typically refers to, well, packing cartons. Expanding your view of what cartonization can accomplish can produce compounding savings and efficiency gains when packing items destined for pallets and beyond.

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Webinar: Packaging Changes for Covid-19 and Beyond

We're excited to announce an upcoming webinar in partnership with Pierbridge and Chainalytics titled Packaging Changes for Covid-19 and Beyond: Enabling Logistics for a Sustainable, Frustration-Free, and Positive Experience.

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The best way of automating box selection

Cartonization is the method of determining which box you should pack an item or series of items in. If you're new to fulfillment technology, or are thinking about optimizing your packing process, there are some key things to understand about modern cartonization.

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Cost-aware cartonization

Even if you've taken steps to bring an algorithmic approach to your packing process (good job!), you need to ensure your cartonization engine is smart enough to consider all cost factors related to shipping. Here's a few key requirements for cartonization that's smart enough for real-world cost-optimization: