Webinar: Packaging Changes for Covid-19 and Beyond

Nice fitting boxes

We're excited to announce an upcoming webinar in partnership with Pierbridge and Chainalytics titled Packaging Changes for Covid-19 and Beyond: Enabling Logistics for a Sustainable, Frustration-Free, and Positive Experience.

Moderated by some of the smartest people we know in the industry, you'll learn:

  • Strategies to reduce shipping so much air and filler

  • How to implement frustration free packaging

  • Meet changing customer expectations for sustainable shipping

  • Streamline packing and shipping processes

  • Reduce the overall costs of goods delivered

The themes are broad, but the actionable takeaways from this 30 minute session will be very valuable.

It's next week (June 23rd at 1PM EST) so save your seat here ASAP.

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