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How to Get Box-Making Machines Working Smarter

Packaging volumes are surging in response to consumer demand these days. Meanwhile, packaging-related costs—from materials to storage and transportation costs--are rising in tandem. So it's no surprise that shippers who manage different product and packaging configurations need viable ways to control their packaging costs and reduce waste without compromising throughput.

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What is Narrow Artificial Intelligence?

Maybe the term AI conjures up synthetic human intelligence for you. Or perhaps it brings to mind a marketing term you’ve seen sprinkled liberally throughout marketing content but never fully understood.

Interconnected Supply Chain

Special Announcement

Paccurate is delighted to announce a new partnership with SendFlex Technology! We've been excited about this for some time, and hopefully it will become clear why when you read on.

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How to Manage UPS and FedEx Rate Increases

The pandemic is winding down—at least in the United States—but not parcel carrier shipping rates.

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The Post-Purchase Experience

An Interview with Randy Horton

Minimizing the new carrier surcharges coming in February

Minimizing the new carrier surcharges coming in February

Two weeks ago, FedEx announced a new peak 30-cent-per-package surcharge that will take effect February 15th, and continue until further notice. The fee applies to businesses that shipped more than 30,000 packages per week in January. This, after both FedEx and UPS added surcharges multiple times in 2020.

he Unprecedented New Normal Dynamic Crisis Paradigm of Doom

The Unprecedented New Normal Dynamic Crisis Paradigm of Doom

Recent hot takes on the “new normal” of supply chain have become a subgenre of punditry, and you may be tired of seeing them. Macro trend analysis is all well and good, but the moment we’re in is replete with more pressing practical concerns that need action. Let’s walk through a couple of examples.

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The White Paper

We're happy to announce the release of our new white paper for 2020! It's called "Cost-Optimal Parcel Packing." In it, we call out all the factors that make the putting of things in boxes so complicated, when you're trying to minimize costs.

Artificial Intelligence

Cartonization AI is the future of fulfillment optimization.

Sometime in 2017, Paccurate made the leap from bin packing algorithm to artificial intelligence. No, it didn’t become self aware and start plotting to overthrow its human masters (we’re pretty sure). Rather, it gained the ability to make real-time decisions based on a data set far too complex for a human to consider.

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Smarter Mode Planning, Part 2

With the supply chain currently racing to keep up with demand, it’s a great time to inject some advanced math into your process to make sure you select the right mode for every order. In Part 1, we talked through the implications of smarter mode selection. Now, let’s get into some examples of just how complex it can get.