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Paccurate at Home Delivery World 2022

Home Delivery World

We're excited to announce that we'll be at Home Delivery World 2022 in Philly! If you're attending, come say hi at booth SU15. We'd love to discuss cartonization, or compare who got the best haul of supply chain conference swag.

A 3PL Warehouse

ShipStream CEO Colin Mollenhour Discusses Cartonization for 3PLs.

Editor's note: ShipStream is a Paccurate Partner. We sat down with ecommerce veteran and logistics and WMS expert Colin Mollenhour. He explains how ShipStream started and discusses trends and operational issues impacting 3PLs doing business within complex supply chains.Please tell us how you got into shipping and co-founding the ShipStream start-up.

Men working in a warehouse

How to Ship Efficiently with Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

So far, 2022 has proven to be a fantastic time for millions of online shoppers who continue their voracious online shopping. It's a heady time, with solid GDP and jobs growth overlaying two years of ongoing economic disruption.

packaging on a table

5 Ways Packing Solutions Can Increase Effectiveness Of Order Fulfillment Operations

Effective packaging of your products is crucial for your business. Besides, better packaging is highly pertinent in the Supply Chain Process. It aims to better output, transport, and distribution of products.

Interconnected Supply Chain

Special Announcement

Paccurate is delighted to announce a new partnership with SendFlex Technology! We've been excited about this for some time, and hopefully it will become clear why when you read on.

Man accepting delivery

The Post-Purchase Experience

An Interview with Randy Horton

he Unprecedented New Normal Dynamic Crisis Paradigm of Doom

The Unprecedented New Normal Dynamic Crisis Paradigm of Doom

Recent hot takes on the “new normal” of supply chain have become a subgenre of punditry, and you may be tired of seeing them. Macro trend analysis is all well and good, but the moment we’re in is replete with more pressing practical concerns that need action. Let’s walk through a couple of examples.

A colorful warehouse

The White Paper

We're happy to announce the release of our new white paper for 2020! It's called "Cost-Optimal Parcel Packing." In it, we call out all the factors that make the putting of things in boxes so complicated, when you're trying to minimize costs.

Nice fitting boxes

Webinar: Packaging Changes for Covid-19 and Beyond

We're excited to announce an upcoming webinar in partnership with Pierbridge and Chainalytics titled Packaging Changes for Covid-19 and Beyond: Enabling Logistics for a Sustainable, Frustration-Free, and Positive Experience.


Direct to Consumer Brand, Now a Redundant Phrase

One of the benefits of working on and helping businesses set up Paccurate is that we get a front-row seat to rapidly changing trends in the logistics and fulfillment spaces, which then go on to have transformative effects on the economy at large. With that in mind, believe us when we tell you we have never seen such a lurch in consumer trends like the one unfolding now: direct to consumer is the new normal.

A Plane Landing

Parcel Costs were already rising in 2020. Now what?

At the beginning of 2020, FedEx and UPS raised their rates by an average 4.9% across all service types, which isn’t an unusually large hike across the board. Since the pandemic began disrupting the supply chain however, the carriers have added additional surcharges for shipments originating in China, and suspended their respective service guarantees. While normal rate hikes cause a bit of a stir among the companies that rely on tight margins, the added surcharges mean shippers have to tighten their belts even further.

Internation Shipping Containers

International drop shipping was already going to get hurt

As the economy reels from COVID-19, international drop shipping is particularly vulnerable to the uncertainty in the supply chain and the disruption of production in China. The truth is, even before the pandemic, it was already primed for a major disruption due to some fairly under-reported news: The likely death of ePacket.


Discount for medical device shippers

The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful for everyone, but we're trying to channel that anxiety into something useful. That's why we're giving free access to Paccurate to manufacturers and distributors of essential goods, such as medical devices and supplies, through July.