The Parcel Packing Intelligence Platform: Paccurate API & PacSimulate


Paccurate has built a powerful 3D cartonization engine which leverages complex business rules, item and carton limits and dimensions, and incorporates a patented cost-awareness layer which drives carton choice decisions. This engine can be accessed by end-users in two different (but related!) products: the Paccurate API and PacSimulate.

The Paccurate API is a JSON REST API. With an API key, customers can communicate with our cartonization engine and receive carton recommendations that can be consumed by any system that can make HTTP requests to the internet. The API is how computers and systems communicate with our cartonization engine.

PacSimulate is software that uses Paccurate’s cartonization engine to investigate packing scenarios at scale. PacSimulate takes in historical fulfillment data, and measures the performance of those scenarios. It can be used to find the best boxes to have on hand based on cost and fulfillment history, the impact of changing parts of a carton mix, or even estimating the downstream effects of changing packing SOPs.

The Paccurate API delivers a specific cartonization decision for a specific pack. PacSimulate delivers reports based on thousands of those specific cartonization decisions. Both communicate with our 3D cartonization engine, and require data to be represented similarly.

PacSimulate can be used with no IT requirements; anyone with access to carton, item, and order data can use that data for simulation and analysis. When a simulation is complete, users are able to see how Paccurate’s engine cartonized their orders in a sharable URL, along with downloadable raw data that can be imported into excel for deep analysis. Every order run through PacSimulate can be examined as an API request, meaning PacSimulate customers can see exactly how any automation systems (ERP, WMS, TMS) should map their data to use the API for real-time packing instructions.

The Paccurate team is always eager to help with any questions around cartonization at scale, whether that be connecting existing systems to our API or running simulations through PacSimulate.

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