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How Packing and Packaging Combined Impact Parcel Spend

Paccurate and Reveel recently formed a partnership to help shippers gain an edge in managing parcel spending to help improve shipping efficiency. 


Why Volume Utilization Isn't Always King

When it comes to parcel shipping, businesses are perpetually searching for ways to reduce costs even as UPS and FedEx increase their general rates on a yearly basis. This has companies evaluating all aspects of the process, from packaging and packout optimization to reducing materials waste and carrier diversification.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Optimizing Parcel Fulfillment

We compiled some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) from prospects and ultimately customers. When faced with sustainability initiatives or budget cuts, optimizing packing and packaging often gets overlooked. Take a look at these FAQs to understand how easy it is to implement Paccurate’s cartonization engine for ~16% less transportation spend, ~13% less corrugate usage, and ~22% less air shipped.Question: What happens if I don’t have stock keeping unit (SKU) dimensions?

The carton intelligence platform

Paccurate Announces a New Seed Round

The Paccurate Team is excited to announce a $3.5MM Seed round, led by Tech Square Ventures. This new funding will allow us to further build out our packing intelligence platform, and advance the mission of reducing waste in the Supply Chain.

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Building a Pack Legend with the Paccurate API

Making a pack request to Paccurate is straightforward: give us some items and some cartons to put them into, and we will cartonize those items. How customers consume the pack response is up to them: save the box assignment back to their ERP system, capture the estimated cost and use it to make a shipping decision, or even render an image of the items in their assigned boxes.

65 million shoe boxes worth of cardboard could be saved in one day