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Why Volume Utilization Isn't Always King

When it comes to parcel shipping, businesses are perpetually searching for ways to reduce costs even as UPS and FedEx increase their general rates on a yearly basis. This has companies evaluating all aspects of the process, from packaging and packout optimization to reducing materials waste and carrier diversification.Let’s think inside the box. Cartonization is the step in the packing process where associates select the appropriate shipping box for the orders being packed. When cartonization is completed manually, it usually involves associates ‘eyeballing it’ with a best guess and some tribal knowledge. For a more efficient approach, you’ll need software that understands the item dimensions, available box dimensions, and any packing rules.As shippers explore more efficient – and sometimes automated – methods, maximizing volume utilization tends to be an obvious first approach. It’s usually a quick fix, but not guaranteed to be the most cost effective.Let’s explore the drawbacks of focusing solely on volume utilization and present alternative cartonization strategies that can save you more money while still ensuring the safety of your products during transit.

65 million shoe boxes worth of cardboard could be saved in one day

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Extreme Makeover: Paccurate Edition

The Paccurate Product Team is excited to announce the release of our new and improved Paccurate Management Portal. We’ve taken the time to not only give a facelift to the existing manager but also to add a few exciting new features.

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ShipStream CEO Colin Mollenhour Discusses Cartonization for 3PLs.

Editor's note: ShipStream is a Paccurate Partner. We sat down with ecommerce veteran and logistics and WMS expert Colin Mollenhour. He explains how ShipStream started and discusses trends and operational issues impacting 3PLs doing business within complex supply chains.Please tell us how you got into shipping and co-founding the ShipStream start-up.

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Seed Funding Announcement

The Paccurate Team is beyond thrilled to announce our $2.2m seed round!

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How to Ship Efficiently with Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

So far, 2022 has proven to be a fantastic time for millions of online shoppers who continue their voracious online shopping. It's a heady time, with solid GDP and jobs growth overlaying two years of ongoing economic disruption.

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Smart Cartonization: A Solution to the Coming Packaging Waste Problem

Lately, massive e-commerce volumes flowing through delivery systems have created unsustainable costs, an enormous packaging waste problem, and still sustained much more product damage.