Cost Reduction

Cartonization savings by the numbers.

Across the board

Where the savings come from


As a rule of thumb, Paccurate more than pays for iteself with saved corrugated, averaging a reduction of one square foot per carton in most cases. Reduce filler material by an average 20%.

Error Reduction

Whether you have a seasonal workforce or year-round experts in the warehouse, packers are only human. With easy-to-follow directions, eliminate mistakes that result in unncessary fees.

Rate Awareness

Your negotiated rate tables have incentives built in to pack a certain way, depending on the dim weight and zone. Paccurate is the only cartonization solution that optimizes for these costs directly.

Box analysis

AI-powered carton selection

Two Men Looking Out of a Warehouse

Paccurate isn't just for real-time packing. Use it as a modeling engine to determine exactly what boxes you should keep in inventory based on your unique product mix and costs.

No more back-of-the-napkin math. We simulate up to 10 million historical shipments to find the right answer.

And packaging engineers love it.

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