Where it Fits

With an API-first approach to cartonization, you can optimize every touchpoint in your order to cash process.


Order Entry

Customer Service Reps


Giving shipping estimates in the shopping cart or over the phone shouldn't be a "best guess." Base your quotes on how a shipment will actually be packed.

Rate Shopping

Compare optimal packing solutions from one carrier to the next. You want to compare apples to oranges to choose the best option.



Mode Selection

Comparing parcel, LTL, and FTL is often critical, but shouldn't be a time-consuming process. Get a decision in seconds.


Nobody likes surprises when it comes to freight. Get an instant pallet load plan for more accurate LTL quotes.

Carrier Selection

Automate carrier decisions upstream from the packing step, so there won't be any surprises.



Pick to Box

Reduce errors and fulfil more orders, faster, so you can cube-out the truck.

Economy of Movement

Labor is just another cost that affects packing. Ensure warehouse workers are spending the right amount of time traveling through 
the warehouse.

TMS/Packing Station


Error Reduction

Warehouse personnel are doing their best to get orders out the door, and mistakes happen. Provide clear packing instructions to remove the ambiguity.

Damage Reduction

It's great to save money on shipping, but not at the expense of a broken product. Ensure that your fragile items are packed precisely the way they need to be.


Use hard-won negotiated rates to their full potential. Analyze rates and fees in real time to pack according to incentives in your rate tables.

The Warehouse

"We would not have been able to handle the increased volume [during the pandemic] without Paccurate. It allowed us to do with 1 person what we used to do with 5.”

John Maurer, COO Integra Beauty
Customer Stories

Efficient Retailers

Read about some of the ways our customers have implemented Paccurate on the way to transforming their fulfillment approach.

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