Let's make the eCom supply chain less wasteful.

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Your customers appreciate less cardboard they have to deal with, but when your boxes are smaller you also use fewer pallets and trailers. Fewer trucks on the road makes a difference.

Consumers have caught on to the fact that returned items often end up being disposed of. When you pack more efficiently, you also reduce damages. That means less of your products end up at the dump.

The best part? Smaller boxes = fewer trailers. The instant you turn on Paccurate, you're reducing your SCOPE-3 emissions by at least 14%.

Green All Around

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Capacity Gains

Paccurate customers use ~14% fewer trailers. Take trucks off the road, and don't worry about being cut off by the carriers during peak season.

Fewer Returns

According to the major parcel carriers, the most effective way to reduce damages is taking the air out of the box. Keep those orders from coming back.

Less Trash

Paccurate saves an average 1 square foot of corrugate per carton. That means around 10 cents saved per box, and less to recycle.

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