5 Ways Packing Solutions Can Increase Effectiveness Of Order Fulfillment Operations

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March 2nd, 2022

Effective packaging of your products is crucial for your business. Besides, better packaging is highly pertinent in the Supply Chain Process. It aims to better output, transport, and distribution of products.

If you are not packing your products well enough, you may lose potential sales and shots to promote your brand.

Furthermore, PR Newswire’s prediction that the global market for paper packaging materials will reach $323 billion by 2026 is enough proof that enterprises are taking their packaging and supply chain sustainability seriously.

Here's how packaging solutions can increase the effectiveness of your operations, reduce freight costs and boost order fulfillment ROI:

1. Proper Packaging Boosts Brand Awareness

Packaging is an excellent marketing tool to promote brand awareness. In the era of social media, everyone is trying to present their experiences with different brands. So, people tend to share images of unique or aesthetically pleasing packaging online. They also upload unboxing videos of products they buy. This act helps establish the value of your brand - and increases awareness.

Brands can display their logo (and other elements) in the packaging to take advantage of this movement.

As a brand, you can also use good quality material - and aesthetic colors, which makes your product look all the more adorned - and impressive. In e-commerce, this can all add to the post-purchase experience, attracting new customers - and retaining the existing ones.

2. Proper Packaging Influences People's Purchase Decisions

Packaging protects the product within. When you package your products effectively, it has the potential to reach customers in the most economical way possible. In a nutshell, proper packaging not only enhances functionality but boosts order fulfillment efficiency, and marketing & sales ROI.

Brands should be focusing on packaging and how it is packed & shipped - as it impacts customers' future purchase decisions and potential to bring in new customers.

When people purchase products online, the basic factors in their decision-making process is product and order packaging. Often, consumers simply purchase the product because of the packaging.

The better the packaging, the more the customer will be drawn toward the product. Thus, it's recommended that your package design and sustainability image stands out from the competition.

Emphasize relatively eye-catching designs, colors - and structures, whilst focusing on creating sustainable packages with sustainable materials to create less waste.

According to a Smurfit Kappa report, consumers are more likely to purchase products that come in sustainable packaging.

3. Packaging as an Indicator Of Product Quality

Premium-quality packaging renders your product quality.

In the United States, a third of the customers assess the packaging before choosing their products. Thus, to boost sales and establish your brand, opt for unique package designs. The entire emphasis, however, should not just be to highlight your product. It should also promote your brand identity. This way, you incentivise the customer to buy from your brand.

Moreover, proper packaging and packing of parcels drive better Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipments. Optimizing LTL shipments helps reduce warehouse costs significantly.

Properly packaging LTL shipments help acquire better shipping rates to increase transportation ROI. Good packaging protects the product, but better packaging protects the brand, the supply chain’s bottom line, and the environment.

4. Proper Packaging Allows Brand Communication With Customers

Social media paid advertisements and reviews are some activities that can establish an interaction in the e-commerce space. When you package your products efficiently, it strengthens brand communication.

The design expresses the brand name - and ensures functionality and sustainability. Thus, customers are more likely to reach out to your brand. This, in turn, boosts sales - and helps expand your business, whether you’re in retail or e-commerce selling apparel items, or shipping medical devices.

Furthermore, brand messages, such as entertainment, authenticity, etc., can be communicated at the store or online. This is done via packaging. Proper product packaging strengthens brand loyalty and can indirectly shout about your order fulfillment best practices.

5. Proper Carton Packaging and Packing Software Increases Market Opportunities

The more creative your product packaging is, the more market opportunities you will have.

While launching or establishing a brand, it's crucial to discern market opportunities.

First off, you need to try and connect with your customers. Figure out what people are looking for - and deliver accordingly.

For instance, Pizza Hut had formulated a Pizza Hut turntables pizza box, which operates as a small stereo system. Consumers could use Bluetooth and printed electronics to connect their pizza boxes with digital gadgets and play music. This is a terrific way to boost sales but also use the natural packaging waste effectively.

Creating unique packaging designs, and being aware of consumer buying patterns can manipulate people's purchase decision-making - something Pizza hut understood very well.

You can use Carton Software to come up with creative designs. It comprises of a vast array of resizable folding cartons. Carton software offers a way to plan standard carton designs at ease - generating quick and unique packaging designs.

Cartonization software allows brands to effectively and efficiently pack items into parcels to reduce material waste and damages, which reduces freight costs and positively impacts sustainability.

Many companies use solutions like examples from this top ERP software list to help manage and integrate day-to-day business activities. With this software, you can improve supply chain, financials, operations, reporting, and commerce.

Using these various technologies in a complementary way allows you to create a robust order fulfilment process and ROI-driven supply chain strategy.

Packing Solutions For Effectiveness

Packaging is the bearer of the brand memo. Unfortunately, many companies and brands still neglect efficient packaging and packing processes. Hence, they experience high costs and reduced sales.

To boost your marketing and order fulfillment effectiveness, you must recognize the importance of better packaging. Better packaging generates attention from the sales standpoint - and customer retention, further adding to your bottom line.

Proper packaging of products also improves delivery time in this sustainability-driven and delivery-centric economy.

When you use better quality materials and pack effectively, your products will be damage-free, and order fulfillment processes will produce less waste. Therefore high volume shippers such as the retail and e-commerce industries can ensure orders are delivered on time whilst simultaneously delivering a highly engaging experience - all while increasing chances of improving customer satisfaction and retention.

There is a plethora of carton packaging and cartonization software available. Opt for the best packing software to boost ROI across your supply chain operation in this consumer-driven economy.

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