Discount for medical device shippers


The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful for everyone, but we're trying to channel that anxiety into something useful. That's why we're giving free access to Paccurate to manufacturers and distributors of essential goods, such as medical devices and supplies, through July.

If you are shipping essential supplies and dealing with high demand, let us help you make your shipping and planning more efficient. Paccurate can make instant decisions about box selection and distribution priority and your carrier(s) will benefit too. Our hope is that this will help to alleviate at least some small part of the overwhelmed supply chain, as we discussed in our post about throughput.

Please contact us and we will try to help you get set up as quickly as possible.

The Fine Print

Qualifying shippers must ship essential goods such as medicine, medical devices or suppplies, household goods, cleaning supplies, and anything deemed in good faith to be "essential." We reserve the right to determine if your shipped products fit this description. API request fees will be waived for whatever percentage of outgoing orders contain essential goods (if you only ship medical supplies, for example, 100% of transaction fees will be waived), until at least July, 2020. We will extend the waiver if the US supply chain is still under comparable stress at that point.

Thank you, and stay safe. - The BeneShip Team

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