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Optimizing Your Parcel Shipments On-Demand Webinar

Sign up and watch the Optimizing Your Parcel Shipments on-demand webinar to learn about the importance of the carton sizes you use, and how to take complete control of how they're packed in real time.

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Extreme Makeover: Paccurate Edition

The Paccurate Product Team is excited to announce the release of our new and improved Paccurate Management Portal. We’ve taken the time to not only give a facelift to the existing manager but also to add a few exciting new features.

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Seed Funding Announcement

The Paccurate Team is beyond thrilled to announce our $2.2m seed round!

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Getting Started: Anatomy of a Pack Response

The Paccurate API responds to valid requests with a JSON body that contains detailed information for the pack, which can be broken out into Metrics, a list of Boxes, a list of Images, and a list of Leftovers.

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Getting Started with Paccurate: Anatomy of a Pack Request

It’s incredibly easy to get started with the Paccurate API.  Paccurate is restful and can be accessed using any HTTP client that can make a POST request with a JSON body — whether that’s a cURL via CLI, the Postman GUI, or the fetch API from a web client.

Paccurate Manager

Introducing Paccurate Manager

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Paccurate Manager, the dashboard that lets you manage and monitor your cartonization activity. There are quite a few features, but here are the highlights: