Extreme Makeover: Paccurate Edition

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July 20th, 2022 PRODUCT

The Paccurate Product Team is excited to announce the release of our new and improved Paccurate Management Portal. We’ve taken the time to not only give a facelift to the existing manager but also to add a few exciting new features.

Sign In

There is a new look and feel to our sign-in page, and that’s only the beginning. Upon logging in, you are presented with an overview of the account activity across all of your API keys.

You are now able to view:
- Activities within a specific window of time across all keys.
- Your peaks, averages, and charges within that specified timeframe.

Each key is represented by a color code on your Overview Dashboard with a graph displaying that key's activity during the time period selected using the new date picker.

Date Picker Active

To take a closer look at the latest activity on a specific key, you can click on the key from the list on the overview page below the graph. Here you'll be able to see the specific unique requests vs total requests, as well as usage statistics for that key.

key activity log

The feature we are most excited about, however, is our new search functionality below the activity graph.

If you are leveraging orderId or requestId attributes in your Paccurate implementation, you can now search your request history for these attributes and find specific pack transactions for the ID you are searching for.

log results
Simply clicking the inspect link from the list of log entries that match your search opens our Inspector tool which shows you the following request details:
- Items used
- Available boxes
- Settings
- A visual representation of the recommended pack.

Using the Inspector allows you to make basic changes to the request as well. This allows you to see how a change in your order would have impacted the packing instructions we provide.

Paccurate Billing

We've refreshed the billing dashboard as well.

On the Billing page, we have introduced:
- A smart progress bar to show how many of your plan’s requests you’ve used so far.
- Invoices are displayed with their status allowing you to download several at once.
- An updated UI to manage payment methods.

We hope these improvements provide you with clarity and insights into how Paccurate is working for you. Visit manage.paccurate.io to see these updates for yourself, and please reach out to product@paccurate.io with any questions or feedback.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for new features and tools coming later this year. 👀

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