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The Paccurate Team is beyond thrilled to announce our $2.2m seed round!

When we first began working on the Paccurate cartonization engine, we started with a simple premise: Help retailers and 3PLs pack more efficiently so they don’t ship so much air. What we didn’t anticipate was the scale of cost and waste reduction we would achieve, nor the stunning ripple effects across the supply chain from doing deeper optimization at the packing step. Our customers have helped us measure significant reductions in material waste and SCOPE-3 emissions, and in doing so have given us a sense of purpose we could only dream of at the start.

Speaking of customers, we’ve been incredibly lucky to find retail and 3PL organizations that are equally passionate about our mission. They’ve discovered new ways to leverage our technology, and pushed us to optimize adjacent touchpoints in their fulfillment operations. In practice, our customers act as engaged partners, and we’re grateful for their support and enthusiasm.

Our luck with collaboration seems to be ongoing- the participants in this seed sound (including co-leads SpringTime Ventures and FirstMile Ventures, major participant Grand Ventures, and some truly super Super Angels) have also been amazing partners. Every investor has been incredibly supportive of the team and the mission, and eager to help. These partnerships have further bolstered our resolve to make the supply chain less wasteful.

So what’s next for Paccurate? We raised this funding when we realized how much of an impact efficient packing can have on material waste and carbon emissions. The truth is, there’s a lot more to do. As we continue to add features to our core packing optimization product, we have our sights set on adjacent under-served and inefficient areas in fulfillment. We’ll be revealing more details on that in the coming months that we can’t wait to share.

There’s never been a more important time to reduce costs and the carbon footprint associated with shipping. From the whole Paccurate Team, thank you to our new investors and growing list of customers for believing in the mission and joining us on this journey. We couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds!

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