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Building a Pack Legend with the Paccurate API

Making a pack request to Paccurate is straightforward: give us some items and some cartons to put them into, and we will cartonize those items. How customers consume the pack response is up to them: save the box assignment back to their ERP system, capture the estimated cost and use it to make a shipping decision, or even render an image of the items in their assigned boxes.

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Paccurate Joins NVIDIA Inception

The Paccurate team has been excited about this for a while now, so we're delighted to announce that we've joined NVIDIA Inception! Press release follows.

Artificial Intelligence

Cartonization AI is the future of fulfillment optimization.

Sometime in 2017, Paccurate made the leap from bin packing algorithm to artificial intelligence. No, it didn’t become self aware and start plotting to overthrow its human masters (we’re pretty sure). Rather, it gained the ability to make real-time decisions based on a data set far too complex for a human to consider.

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Getting Started: Anatomy of a Pack Response

The Paccurate API responds to valid requests with a JSON body that contains detailed information for the pack, which can be broken out into Metrics, a list of Boxes, a list of Images, and a list of Leftovers.

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Getting Started with Paccurate: Anatomy of a Pack Request

It’s incredibly easy to get started with the Paccurate API.  Paccurate is restful and can be accessed using any HTTP client that can make a POST request with a JSON body — whether that’s a cURL via CLI, the Postman GUI, or the fetch API from a web client.

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