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Robust.AI and Paccurate Announce Technology Partnership

“What does cartonization software mean for Autonomous Mobile Robots?”


Simulating Sustainable Mailers Just Got Easier with Paccurate

Paccurate has released a new simulation model for PacSimulate, that allows shippers to quickly evaluate the transportation cost and environmental impacts of adopting paper mailers. In collaboration with Georgia Pacific (GP), PacSimulate users can now quickly analyze the impact of adding GP’s popular EarthKraft mailer to their packaging lineup. This is in addition to the dozens of available simulation models already available, which were used to analyze 14.5 million shipments last year.

The carton intelligence platform

Paccurate Announces a New Seed Round

The Paccurate Team is excited to announce a $3.5MM Seed round, led by Tech Square Ventures. This new funding will allow us to further build out our packing intelligence platform, and advance the mission of reducing waste in the Supply Chain.

A rocket launching

Seed Funding Announcement

The Paccurate Team is beyond thrilled to announce our $2.2m seed round!