The opportunities that come with a work-from-home IT department

Working from home
April 10th, 2020 API

Steve Cooper is VP of Sales at BeneShip.

Over the years I have managed teams of programmers and system integrators and it was often easier when we were in reactive mode- customer requests for changes coming left and right. Things became a lot more difficult when business was slow- that’s when we had to contend with our internal “Nice to Have List” while we waited for things to pick back up. We had to check as many items on The List as possible, lest we miss the opportunity to improve our core products and process so that we could come out swinging when business picked back up.

If you’re an IT Manager, after building whatever telework infrastructure your company requires now, you might have some extra programming hours to spend on your List. This is the perfect time to assess what needs doing and get your teams to buy in for multiple reasons, not least of which is because people who are used to being in a more collaborative environment are suddenly home-bound and need more direction.

Just as your business is reacting to the current situation by employing technology to support working from home, you can quickly put in place automation to help your (possibly struggling) shipping operation. It might take a day or two for someone on your staff to configure a connection to the Paccurate API, which can not only help save money, but with smart cost-aware cartonization and helpful packing instructions, make warehouse teams much more efficient. These picking and packing teams might be dealing with reduced staff or other challenges with social distancing- but technology can help them adapt too.

Our customers connect to Paccurate at many points in their process; at the time of order entry, sending the order down to the warehouse(s) from shipping, and then post shipment to validate the KPI’s and business rules your managers have in place.

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