Pricing that makes cents.

Pay pennies on each order you ship, but save much more. Starting at $25 / month.
See how much Paccurate could save your business with the ROI calculator below.

Cloud $25 Per month, minimum

Our most popular plan. Great for companies shipping fewer than 60k orders per month.

Includes 250 requests Try It Free
Private Endpoint $499 Per month, minimum

Dedicated Instance. Good for companies shipping more than 60k orders per month.

Includes 10k requests Let's talk
On-Premise Custom Flexible Licenses

When an extra milisecond is too long, host Paccurate in your own stack.

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Calculate ROI

Est. Paccurate Cost / Month
Est. Net Parcel Savings / Month

Advanced Controls

Prove It

This estimator is based on historical savings in successful analyses and implementations. Your milage may vary. See Savings Breakdown.

For a more accurate ROI, grab an API key and run analysis on your historical shipping data. Let us know if we can help!

Back of the envelope math

Avg Shipping Spend / Mo.
(Order Vol X Avg Shipment $)
Paccurate Cost / Mo.
(Unique Requests X Volume Tier Rate)
+ $0.00
Savings from error reduction
(ErrorSavings% X Order Vol)
- $0.00
Savings from rate awareness
(RateSavings% X Multi-Line Order Vol)
- $0.00
Net Monthly Savings $0.00

How Metered Pricing Works

Our proposition is simple: Pay the equivalent of < 1% of your shipping costs to save > 10% overall.

After $25, only pay for what you use.

Your monthly bill is based on the number of unique API requests per month. Metered pricing starts at 5 cents per unique request.

Volume Discounts

The more you ship, the more you save. Use the estimator above to calculate your cost. Anticipate more than 100K shipments per month? Talk to Us

What's a unique request?

"Unique" means any request that seems to relate to a single order (matching SKUs, for example), even if rules or other factors are different.

This flexibility allows you to cartonize for multiple carriers, with different rules, at multiple points in an order lifecycle. This can also make Paccurate more affordable than other cartonization solutions that charge you for every request.