Seamless WMS Integration Provides Maximum Efficiency

Deposco + Paccurate
May 6th, 2024

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) helps organizations manage and control their warehouse operations. The WMS provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, locations, and movements within a single warehouse or across a network of facilities. Here are some key functions and features typically found in WMS’:

- Inventory Management
- Order Management
- Stock Location Management
- Barcode Integration
- Labor Management
- Reporting and Analytics
- Integrations

Overall, the goal of a warehouse management system is to streamline warehouse operations while also being the system of record for physical goods. With visibility across the warehouse, you have complete control from the moment a SKU enters your operation at receiving until it’s packed and loaded onto a truck.

Types of Warehouse Management Systems
There are several types of warehouse management systems. The choice of which one to implement depends on factors such as the size of the business, specific industry needs, budget, complexity of warehouse operations, existing systems, integrations needed, and scalability requirements to name a few. Here are some common categories of Warehouse Management Systems:

- Standalone WMS
- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integrated WMS
- Cloud-Based WMS
- On-Premise WMS
- Open Source WMS
- Industry-Specific WMS

Selecting a WMS should factor in the needs of your business today but also an anticipated future state. If you opt for a less expensive option today that only satisfies your current needs, it could lead to more costly problems down the road. Fast forward 2, 5, 10+ years and you’re now dealing with outdated technology that’s expensive, time consuming to update, and a headache to replace.

Cloud Based WMS are Superior
Legacy WMS requires additional IT staff and infrastructure to implement and regularly update. Modern cloud-based WMS solutions are hosted remotely and accessed via the web, optimizing use of personnel and eliminating hardware investments. Compared to legacy solutions, cloud-based WMS’s update in real time. Without the high cost of keeping on-premise systems in place, your operation has almost zero downtime, as well as flexibility and scalability for future growth.

A Recommended cloud-based WMS - Deposco Bright Warehouse
Deposco is an end-to-end warehouse management system for the digital age. The platform offers tightly integrated applications for warehouse management, order management software, store inventory fulfillment, and supply chain planning solutions that can be implemented in under 90 days.

Retailers, ecommerce companies, CPG brands, and third-party logistics (3PL) providers that need to rapidly scale their fulfillment operations – but have not had the right tools to optimize their financial, operational, and service metrics – find rapid success with Deposco.

Through real-time inventory visibility of all inventory, including Direct-to-Consumer (DTC), warehouses/DCs, physical stores, and marketplaces, Deposco enables these companies to simplify their supply chains with rapid value and flexibility:

- Quickly reduce shipping costs and operational risk
- Offer customized services with system-directed decision-making
- Deploy time-critical technologies as often as needed

Paccurate + Deposco = Maximized Margins and Minimized Waste
Shippers can go the extra mile with Paccurate’s cartonization API, which helps optimize parcel packing. PacAPI can process 10,000 calculations per second. Combining SKU data and your negotiated rate cards, Paccurate provides 3D packing instructions in real time. You can easily use the pre-built connection to plug and play, integrating Deposco’s WMS with cartonization optimization from Paccurate. With access to all of your inventory data, you’ll have an added layer of packing efficiency at your fingertips.

- Reduce corrugate by 1 sq ft/carton = 14% savings
- Reduce air shipped (inside the box) by up to 22%
- Save up to 22% on transportation costs
- Plug-and-play integration between Paccurate and Deposco
- 63% increase in shipping volume YoY after implementing Deposco

Learn more about how these systems work together here.

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