The parcel packing intelligence platform.

Paccurate helps shippers make better packaging decisions, and provides complete control over how every order is packed. Shipping less air is only the beginning.

Who's Packing?
Upgrade your parcel shipping

Efficient packing saves money, materials, and the environment.


Identify the right carton sizes for your operation.

Packaging should be reactive to your fulfillment costs. PacSimulate virtually packs out your historical shipments, millions of times each, to uncover insights you can't find anywhere else.

> See your ideal box mix in a single click.

> Evaluate how mailers and other non-corrugate packaging may affect your KPIs.

> Simulate box-on-demand machines, and other operational changes.

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PacSimulate interface
Cost-optimal packing example

Pack for ultimate cost efficiency

Legacy cartonization solutions ignore the true cost of fulfillment, but our patented engine considers the complex incentive patterns in your negotiated rate cards, material costs, and labor. Once you can actually optimize packing directly for cost, you’ll see your cost per order plummet.

Capable of 10,000 calculations per second, PacAPI can be deployed where other solutions can't, like during order release.

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API First

Developer Quickstart

The Paccurate API is fast and flexible, and meticulously crafted with developers in mind.

It's easy to get started- just execute this command in your shell. Or grab an API Key to unlock request limits.

curl -X POST -d '{
  "itemSets": [{
    "refId": 0,
    "dimensions": {"x": 5.5, "y": 6, "z": 6},
    "quantity": 3 }],
By the Numbers

Reduce Costs and Waste

With shipping rates and fees on the rise, just negotiating with carriers isn't enough anymore. Paccurate reduces cubic volume, wasted material, and shipping costs.


lower transportation spend


reduced corrugated usage


less air shipped

A Big Upgrade

Efficiency Gains

Minimize Spend

Make the most of your hard-earned negotiated rates, and pack according to the complex incentive patterns within.

Protect The Product

Reduce damage without wasting fill material. Just tell Paccurate how every SKU or product class needs to be protected.

Be Greener

Smaller boxes mean fewer trucks on the road and planes in the air. And happier customers, who have less waste to deal with.

From packing to delivery

Use it Anywhere

Enterprise logistics is dominated by large, end-to-end solutions. Paccurate is bucking that trend. It's flexible enough to upgrade any touchpoint of your Order to Cash Process, and fast enough to keep up.

Order Entry

Generate accurate shipping quotes in the shopping cart or over the phone.


Make your packers more efficient with fluid pick zones and illustrated packing instructions.

Box Machines

Fully automate your box-making machines, and make them smarter.

Order Management

Boost order management and gain upstream visibility into your shipping ops.


Providing LTL quotes should be easy. Quickly generate pallet stacking plans with visual instructions.


Plan faster. Compare parcel vs LTL, or the optimal packing for one carrier vs another.

Ready to get started?

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, we'll show you how to pack more efficiently.